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•  Get an unbiased view on the best ATS, VMS, or CRM to showcase the performance of your TA function

•  Figure out why your existing systems and processes aren’t working for you and build a roadmap to fix it and enable data-driven decision making

•  Configure your technology to provide the data and dashboards you need to present back to the board

Talent Tech

You know something’s not working with your systems and processes but you don’t know what it is.

Right now, you can’t get the data and insights you need to show the performance of your TA function, the diversity of your organisation or the need for more resource.

And you don’t have the time, resource or capability to figure it out.

You’ve looked into new systems but you have no idea which is going to be best for your needs and it’s hard to trust recommendations.

So where do you go for help?

We're experts in
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Our solution

Get a scientific view of your existing systems and processes.  Find out what’s working, what isn’t and how you measure up against competitors and best practice.

We can implement a new system or reconfigure and optimise what you already have.

Diversity and inclusion

On-demand expertise in all major ATS, VMS, HRIS and CRM systems


Unbiased advice - we remain technology agnostic

Operating model

Figure out what isn't working with your current systems


Determine the best technology for your needs


Create a business case for getting the resource and systems you need


Get a detailed programme plan for your tech transformation


Optimise your technology to boost efficiency and generate accurate data

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Build powerful dashboards to demonstrate TA performance

Examples and testimonials

Book a talent advisory session

If you need help implementing a new system, choosing the right TA tech for your business or reconfiguring your systems and optimising processes, book a talent advisory session with our expert team to get the ball rolling.

It’ll take 30 minutes and it's completely free. Feel free to invite any relevant colleagues along too.

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