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•  Centralise and optimise the way you manage non-permanent workers and get your suppliers, costs, systems and processes and compliance under control

•  Work with an agile MSP provider that can offer a high touch, personalised service -no more cookie cutter solutions or working with complacent suppliers

•  Get clear dashboards and data on your contractor base cost to the business so you can reduce your reliance on non-permanent workers


Contractor use in your organisation is out of control.

Hiring managers are using whoever they want, you have loads of agencies and contractors on different rates, contracts and margins and therefore no buying power or economies of scale.

You don’t feel like you’re on top of IR35 and it’s making you nervous.

Perhaps you have a VMS in place to manage and it’s just not working for you. It’s a waste of time and money. You’ve seen tech like yours working in other organisations to project manage and own the delivery of everything, but you don’t know how to fix it.

Or you’re already working with an MSP provider but you’re fed up with the lack of flexibility in their solution and feeling like you’re ‘just another customer’. They’ve been underperforming for a while and it’s time to shake things up.

So where do you go for help?

Our solution

Boost the performance of your non-permanent workforce with Caraffi's flexible MSP solution. Access a full suite of talent SMEs that can help you transform your wider talent strategy.

Team capability

A personalised and flexible managed service


Continuously improved and adapted over time


Objectively review your suppliers, costs, systems, processes and compliance

Future workforce planning

Clear roadmap for improvement, focused on what matters to you

Insights 2

Deep, continuous measurement of the performance of your MSP

Insights 1

Dashboards and reports to bolster discussions with the executive board


Inclusive, purpose-led, digital, data-driven and global approach


Boost the cost saving power of your MSP

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