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Data on Demand

Understand the talent landscape


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•  Talent mapping: Analyse the market, understand the skills, experience and diversity of your local talent pool and benchmark salaries

•  Talent location finder: Sanity check your assumptions about the best locations to source talent or set up a new talent hub overseas

•  Data on demand: Get data and insights on demand to help your meetings run smoothly

Data on Demand

What you'll get

Tell us what talent questions need answering and our dedicated research team will build a custom, detailed report with insights from highly credible external sources.


Help the board understand your recruitment pain points

Insights 2

Data and deep insights as and when you need them

Insights 1

Sanity check your assumptions with objective data


Understand the best locations to build a new talent hub


Analyse the skills and experience available locally

Team capability

Understand how you're perceived in the market


Find out what competitors are doing to attract talent

Diversity and inclusion

Analyse the diversity of your local talent pool

Examples and testimonials

Book a talent advisory session

Whether you need a scientific view of the talent market, a sense check of your assumptions or a custom report to support you in your meeting, book a talent advisory session with our expert team to get the ball rolling.

It’ll take 30 minutes and it's completely free. Feel free to invite any relevant colleagues along too.

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