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Strategic Sourcing

Build engaged talent communities for your future critical skillsets to beat your competition in the race for talent

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•  Understand the skillsets that are essential for your future business strategy and build out hyper-targeted personas to help you map the talent landscape

•  Create channel and content strategies to attract the talent with the skills you need and position you as a destination employer

•  Activate your sourcing strategy with our team of research-led sourcers, backed by our creative and insights teams

Strategic Sourcing

What you'll get

Reduce your time-to-hire for your critical roles by proactively building engaged talent communities that actively want to work with you.

Team capability

Understand the critical skillsets that your business needs to hire

Insights 1

Talent landscape insights and competitor mapping

Diversity and inclusion

Detailed personas that help you understand your audiences' motivations


A channel strategy that puts you in front of the talent you want


A content strategy that activates your EVP


CRM configuration and integration


Measurement and insights that help you refine your strategy


Communities of engaged talent who want to work for you

How it works


Step one

Identify your critical skillsets that should be proactively sourced


Step two

Build research-backed personas to inform your sourcing strategies

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Step three

Channel and content strategies that will help you build engaged talent communities

Examples and testimonials

Book a talent advisory session

If you’re ready to build a strategic sourcing capability in your organisation that helps you to beat your competition for the key talent you need, book an advisory session with our expert team to get the ball rolling.

It’ll take 30 minutes and it’s completely free. You can invite any relevant colleagues along too.

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