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Employer Branding

Level up your EVP, talent brand and experience and become a destination employer


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•  Understand your employer reputation and build an EVP that aligns with business objectives and makes you a destination employer

•  Create an employer brand identity that compliments your customer brand and attracts the tech talent you’re struggling to hire

•  Activate your EVP and employer brand across the full talent lifecycle, including recruitment videos, careers sites, social media attraction campaigns, onboarding and training content

Employer Branding_Investigo

Caraffi have allowed us to hire some of the best people in the market through having a really clear and defined EVP and being able to articulate what it's like to work here and the culture that we have within our business.

Nick Baxter, CEO @ Investigo

What you'll get

Become a destination employer for the talent you want by levelling up your EVP, talent brand and communications with Caraffi.

Talent acquisition

Understand your current employer reputation

Brand and experience

An EVP and employer brand that aligns with business objectives


A slick careers site that makes it easy to prove ROI


Exciting attraction campaigns that get results


Inspiring recruitment videos you can be proud of


Transform your recruitment team into brand ambassadors

Team capability

Internal comms that will wow your team and boost engagement


Amazing dashboards to show your attraction strategy is working

How it works

Emily C

Step one

Research and understand your employer reputation

Emma and Louise

Step two

Validate and create your EVP and employer brand

Hayley and Marcin_withbar

Step three

Internal and external activation across the talent lifecycle

Examples and testimonials

Book a talent advisory session

Whether you’re interested in a full EVP and employer brand project, an attraction campaign, careers site, social media templates or a recruitment video, book a talent advisory session with our expert team to get the ball rolling.

It’ll take 30 minutes and it’s completely free. You can invite any relevant colleagues along too.

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