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Are You Ready to Shake It Up?, Stand Up?, Speed Up?, Power Up?, Level Up?

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Shake it up

We’re on a mission. To make HR the engine room of every organisation – a driver of transformation and success. It means doing things differently from our predecessors and our peers. Challenging the status quo. Crafting innovative solutions. Working shoulder to shoulder with people leaders to elevate them in their roles, functions and careers. It’s a bold, exciting journey we’re on together. And it gives energy and purpose to everything we do.

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We stand up

At Caraffi you are trusted to make your own decisions, come up with your own ideas and develop your own approaches and solutions to the challenges we face. It’s not a free-for-all – we always stay true to the Caraffi values and treat our clients and each other with care and respect. But it is freedom. Freedom to shape how we work around clients needs. Freedom to innovate. Freedom to seize every new opportunity and make it our own. Here, anything is possible.

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We speed up

This is no place for coasters. Everyone gives it everything they’ve got. We move fast. We push hard. We bust a gut to make things better. Sometimes it can feel like we’re doing a million things at once, and that’s just how we like it. The pace of life here means that no two days are the same, and there are brand new challenges and opportunities around every corner.

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We're straight up

We don’t have time for office politics or strict hierarchies. If we disagree with each other, we respectfully say so. If we have great ideas, we’re happy to share them. If anyone needs help, they just have to ask. It’s liberating – especially when you’re surrounded by people who are on your side. We take the same approach with our clients too. No sugar-coating. No BS. We tell the truth no matter how uncomfortable it is – because we care about getting it right.

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Our values

We love them. We live by them. They drive us to be our best.

Anything is possible

is possible

We are bright enough and experienced enough to think outside the box. We find new, innovative and sometimes unorthodox solutions.

Iten kenya


Next year we will be better than this year. We keep learning, keep driving and keep running. We are addicted to being the best we can be.

Zero friendly fire

friendly fire

We are honest, ethical, trustworthy and respectful in all our interactions both internal and external. We are one team.

Where you could join us

Where could you see yourself in Caraffi? Discover our core business areas below:

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In our advisory team, you'll find talent acquisition experts who aren't afraid to do things differently and work together to craft innovative solutions.

Join our team of expert talent professionals who are positive, fearless and willing to experiment. Be part of something new.

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Shaking up the world of work

Our consulting team is made up of employer brand, research and technology experts all working together to improve the experience that people have with employers.

From social media specialists, technology implementation experts, research gurus to employer brand strategists we’re always looking for more passionate people to join our team.

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Our customer team help people leaders find the expertise they need to get talent right. At Caraffi we're true career partners, so our relationships run deep. 

If your network needs our experts, then reach out to us about joining our team.

Your hiring experience

I can't believe how much my career has progressed since I joined Caraffi. I haven’t followed a traditional career path, but more followed the projects that interested me most, which has allowed me to really craft a career doing the things I love. It truly feels like anything is possible here!
Emily Tatham
Head of Marketing
From an opportunity perspective I have never seen a company so willing to let people put their hands up to work on projects, push themselves out of their comfort zone and then go on and smash it as the support has been there all the way through. I genuinely feel valued, my ideas are listened to and I feel that I am in the best possible place to accelerate my career and truly enjoy the people I work with both everyday and on projects across Caraffi.
James Thornton
Recruitment Manager
Caraffi provides a working environment that allows you to be your true authentic self. This in return has enabled me to be more forthcoming with my own ideas and solutions for the projects I’m working on. Job satisfaction can mean many things, but for me, it’s about feeling valued in the process of succeeding.
Kieran Eastwood
Talent Sourcer

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