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•  Learn how to create a talent strategy fit for the future – one that’s robust, inclusive, purpose-led, digital, data-driven and global

•  Get the data, knowledge and confidence you need to transform TA from operational recruitment to the enabler of the business strategy

•  Become a valued business partner to the executive board and carve out a career path to HRD or CEO

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Covid-19, Brexit and the Black Lives Matter movement have changed the world for good.

Your business is rapidly adapting and it needs the right talent to succeed.

But the global skills crisis is escalating at an alarming rate and your old talent strategies are no longer working. 

So where do you go for help?

Our solution

Talent[ed] is a modern, blended and practical growth programme for anyone responsible for TA. We offer everything from 3-day masterclasses to a 10-week full diploma.


Learn how to measure the performance of your TA function

Team capability

Find out how you measure up against Caraffi's maturity model, competitors and best practice


Build a new end-to-end talent strategy, aligned to your business goals


Produce a business case for change that will win over the executive board


Build a practical programme plan for the transformation you'll deliver


Create a detailed communications plan to influence and inspire

Our core programme covers:

Module four

Systems, data and measurement for optimum performance

• Get the data you need to tell a great story about TA performance and wow in the boardroom

• Implement, integrate and configure the right ATS, VMS, HRIS or CRM for your business

• How to use and interpret data to become a trusted, strategic business partner

How it works

Who will I be trained by?

You’ll only be trained by people who have lived through your pain and understand what you need to get done

Our trainers are industry leading talent professionals who have transformed TA for some of the biggest organisations in the world.

How long does the course last?
We offer a selection of courses from 3-day masterclasses to a full 10-week diploma. You can decide what best suits your needs.

Is this remote?
Yes, all of our courses operate remotely, so you can join us from anywhere.

How can I fit the 10-week diploma around work?
It’s a part time course that can comfortably be completed alongside your day job.

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